Welcome to Law Office of Matthew D. Bowe

Welcome to the Law Office of Matthew D. Bowe

Criminal Defense & OUI Practice in Brunswick, ME

The Law Office of Matthew D. Bowe is an established law office that provides aggressive legal representation for criminal defense and OUI cases. Attorney Bowe is committed to defending your rights and freedom, and will work with you to develop an effective path towards success. He’ll strive to ensure your voice can be heard in the legal system.

Our office is based in Brunswick, ME and serves clients across Maine including Bath, Portland and beyond. We offer a great combination of experience, tireless work ethic and an ability to develop innovative solutions. Attorney Bowe takes the time to work with you in order to fully understand every perspective and deliver the best results.

“You have the right to be heard. Let Attorney Bowe fight for you.”

With a practice in Brunswick, ME, Attorney Bowe has worked in the following county courts: Androscoggin, Cumberland, Hancock, Kennebec, Knox, Lincoln, Penobscot, Sagadahoc, Waldo and York.

For more information regarding our legal services or to receive a free phone consultation, contact one of our two locations today. By choosing our practice, you can rest assured we’ll make every effort to get you the outcome you deserve.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a dispositional conference?

A dispositional conference is a Court appearance after the arraignment. It does not involve people testifying. A dispositional conference is an opportunity for the parties to discuss the case with the Court to see if there is a possibility for a plea agreement prior to having the case go to a contested motion or on the trial list. Before the dispositional conference, each side should have a realistic idea of how it wants the case to resolve. The goal for the Defense might be to avoid jail time, further license suspension or a criminal conviction altogether. Some courts do dispositional conferences by zoom, other courts require the conferences to be in person. If the parties come to an agreement at the conference, the case will be resolved on the record at that time or it may be scheduled for a later date to put the agreement on the record. If there is no agreement at the dispositional conference, the case is set for a motion hearing or a jury selection date.

What is a motion to suppress?

A motion to suppress is a testimonial court hearing where the Defendant is asking the Judge to exclude evidence from a trial because the State has violated the Defendant’s constitutional rights when it gathered evidence. For example, the police may have obtained evidence in a private residence without obtaining a warrant or consent to enter the home. It could be one piece of evidence or a number of pieces of evidence and it can be based on different constitutional rights. If the Court finds that the evidence is excluded, the Defendant does not automatically win the case. The State may still be able to prosecute the case with other evidence.

What is the difference between a testimonial hearing and a non-testimonial hearing?

A testimonial hearing is when witnesses are sworn in and testify. At a testimonial hearing, a witness would go into the witness box, take an oath and then answer questions from each side and possibly the judge. In a non-testimonial hearing, there are no witnesses: lawyers make arguments to the judge on an issue related to evidence in a case.

What if the officer does not read Miranda rights to someone during an arrest?

Miranda rights are rights set up by the Courts so that people in custody are not unduly pressured into giving evidence to the police during interrogation. If the police did not read Miranda to the Defendant, and the police ask the Defendant questions while he is in custody, the Defendant would have a good issue at a hearing to suppress the evidence given to the State during the questioning. If evidence gathered prior to being in custody or is not related to questioning, the State would still be able to use the evidence despite Miranda not being read. For example, if the defendant starts talking to the police in the police cruiser on the way to the police station without being asked questions, the statements will probably not be suppressed as a violation of Miranda.

What is jury selection?

On jury selection day, the Court will call in members of the jury pool (approximately 125 people) from around the county. That day’s jury pool will be used to select jurors for three to six cases. To begin the day, the Judge will have the jurors fill out confidential questionnaires to determine whether a juror can be fair and impartial on issues related to the case. The Defense and Prosecution can have input into these questions. The Court will then individually call each case and a jury will be selected with each side getting peremptory challenges to whittle the jury down to 12 jurors. A peremptory challenge is a challenge to strike a person from the jury. A party can also make a motion to strike a member of the jury for cause related to the juror’s ability to be fair and impartial. One or two alternates are also selected in case one of the jurors is unable to make it through the entire trial.

What is the Maine DEEP program?

Maine’s Driver Education Evaluation Program (“DEEP”), is run by DHHS’ Office of Behavioral Health to educate and evaluate people dealing with an alcohol or drug issue while driving. There are two DEEP programs: one program for drivers under 21 ($225 fee) and a different program for drivers 21 and older ($300 fee). If you are on an OUI suspension, you will need to work through the programs’ education and evaluation programs and be cleared by DEEP in order to obtain your license back. One component of the program is called the Risk Reduction Program. It focuses on the effects of alcohol and drugs, decision making and driving. After the Risk Reduction Program, most people are referred for further evaluation with a DEEP certified counselor. Once the counselor has done the evaluation and sent the paperwork to the Office of Behavioral Health, the Office of Behavior Health sends notification to Maine BMV that the driver has completed the DEEP process. The DEEP program can be completed by video through zoom or in person.

How does the Maine Ignition Interlock (“IID”) program work?

Participation in the Maine Ignition interlock Program (“IID”) allows a driver on an OUI suspension to return to driving sooner than anticipated. The BMV sets the terms for when a suspended driver may have an ignition interlock system installed and how installation shortens the driver’s suspension. For example, the driver on a first offense OUI suspension of 150 days may be permitted to drive after 30 days of the suspension with an IID. In order to be eligible for the IID program, the driver must have completed DEEP, and have paid the $50 reinstatement fee to BMV.
The Maine BMV works with the following vendors to administer its IID program: Alcohol Detection System, Intoxalock, Lifesafer and Sense o Lock. The driver needs to call one of the vendors and set up payment. The vendor sends the device to an authorized installer. The driver does not install the IID herself. Once the IID is installed in the vehicle, the installer provides the driver with proof of installation paperwork. Finally, the driver brings the proof of installation to BMV and receives a conditional driver’s license to drive only the vehicle that IID is installed on.

How has the Covid pandemic affected the Maine court system?

The Court system is a unique place where many different people from different parts of a county gather together in one place. During 2020 and 2021, Maine courts had to cancel dates or require masks due to the pandemic. The courts also moved court dates to video conferences and tried to lessen the number of people in the courtroom at one time. Today, Courts do not have restrictions related to masks, but have incorporated some of its changes in scheduling and video conferences into its normal schedule.



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I can't say enough good things about the peace of mind and service I received from Matt. From the minute I first talked to him on the phone all the way through the entire process he was by my side and really lessened my anxiety. If you are thinking about hiring a lawyer please give him a call. You will not be sorry. I could not be where I am today without his help.


Matthew did a great job with my OUI case and kept me informed throughout the process of all options. He was very knowledgeable and did a wonderful job explaining everything. Even after my case had ended he continued providing assistance and advice which was greatly appreciate. I highly recommend him.


Matthew Bowe was excellent! He helped me with a criminal assault case this past summer. He was very knowledgable and helpful. He kept me very well informed and quickly updated with any new information on the case. I would definitely recommend Mr. Bowe to anyone in need of legal help.


After being falsely accused of several heinous crimes, Matthew Bowe worked with me tirelessly to clear my name of all charges. He is extremely knowledgeable of how the legal system works, and this helped immensely as I was entering a world I was completely unfamiliar with. He kept me updated every step of the way through the due process, keeping me well informed of what to expect and when to expect it. All charges were cleared because Matt handled the case with extreme caution, professionalism and expertise. An excellent criminal defense attorney to turn to when the system falters against your favor.


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Attorney Matthew Bowe was phenomenal. I can’t overstate how well he handled my case and helped secure a positive outcome. Matt worked really hard on developing a plan of attack for my case and walked me through the entire process. He was professional, knowledgeable, and always available by phone and email. He took a genuine interest in my case and fought hard for me. His firm`s Front desk was equally helpful and answered any questions I had regarding dates and scheduling. The firm truly works hard for their clients. They were worth every penny. Would recommend to anyone that needs a strong defense attorney for any driving infraction issue.

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