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Have you been arrested or summonsed for a crime in Maine? Attorney Bowe is here to help. You have the right to be heard and at the Law Office of Matthew D. Bowe, we are dedicated to making that happen. Attorney Bowe will listen to your story, speak with witnesses, work with Maine’s top investigators and familiarize himself with every aspect of your case. He’ll also seek to identify any holes in the state’s case against you and aim to bring forth new information that will help your defense.


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Questions Attorney Bowe Can Answer Include

  • Can I get my bail conditions changed?
  • What plea options are available to me?
  • What legal defenses are available?
  • Did the police violate my rights?
  • When would the case go to trial?
  • How will this affect my record?

Sex Offenses

Attorney Bowe has a proven track record of defending clients charged with sex crimes. To achieve the most successful outcome possible, he will collaborate with a private investigator and other legal experts who aren’t afraid to seek out and expose the truth of what happened and why you were accused.

Drug Offenses

In preparing your defense against a drug charge, Attorney Bowe will make sure the government hasn’t infringed upon your right to privacy and right to remain silent upon arrest. He’ll press the District Attorney to consider lesser punishments through drug rehab and/or drug court and will construct and deliver a powerful defense aimed at helping you avoid conviction and jail time. Attorney Bowe has successfully defended clients in a number of cases involving possession and/or trafficking of illegal substances such as marijuana, cocaine, oxycontin and heroin.


From shoplifting to complicated civil disputes among neighbors and business owners and employees, Attorney Bowe has handled a variety of theft cases. For each case, he’ll work hard to consider the level of dispute between parties and, whenever possible, will strongly advocate with the District Attorney for out of court settlements. When a pre-trial settlement is not an option, Attorney Bowe will defend you in court and help minimize your punishment.


Attorney Bowe is extremely well-versed in defenses for assault and battery charges, which include: duress, self-defense, competing harms, public duty, involuntary conduct, and/or defense of premises. He takes the time to gain a comprehensive understanding of your case, bring to light any mitigating factors, apply a sharp, thought-out defense, and fight to secure the best outcome possible.


If your case involves fraud, whether it be forgery, falsification of checks, or negotiating a worthless instrument, Attorney Bowe can help. Fraud cases can be resolved outside of court when both parties are willing. Attorney Bowe will work diligently to learn the details of your case, present you in a positive light and whenever possible, negotiate for an out-of-court settlement. If that’s not possible, he’ll defend you in court and reduce the severity of your punishment.

Domestic Violence

A lot is at stake with domestic violence crimes. Being charged with domestic violence may prevent you from seeing your children, entering your home, contacting your spouse or partner and visiting certain locations. Attorney Bowe has handled many domestic violence cases and will work with you to defend your interests and lessen the negative consequences stemming from the charge.

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