How does the Maine Ignition Interlock (“IID”) program work?

Participation in the Maine Ignition interlock Program (“IID”) allows a driver on an OUI suspension to return to driving sooner than anticipated. The BMV sets the terms for when a suspended driver may have an ignition interlock system installed and how installation shortens the driver’s suspension. For example, the driver on a first offense OUI suspension of 150 days may be permitted to drive after 30 days of the suspension with an IID. In order to be eligible for the IID program, the driver must have completed DEEP, and have paid the $50 reinstatement fee to BMV.
The Maine BMV works with the following vendors to administer its IID program: Alcohol Detection System, Intoxalock, Lifesafer and Sense o Lock. The driver needs to call one of the vendors and set up payment. The vendor sends the device to an authorized installer. The driver does not install the IID herself. Once the IID is installed in the vehicle, the installer provides the driver with proof of installation paperwork. Finally, the driver brings the proof of installation to BMV and receives a conditional driver’s license to drive only the vehicle that IID is installed on.