What is the Maine DEEP program?

Maine’s Driver Education Evaluation Program (“DEEP”), is run by DHHS’ Office of Behavioral Health to educate and evaluate people dealing with an alcohol or drug issue while driving. There are two DEEP programs: one program for drivers under 21 ($225 fee) and a different program for drivers 21 and older ($300 fee). If you are on an OUI suspension, you will need to work through the programs’ education and evaluation programs and be cleared by DEEP in order to obtain your license back. One component of the program is called the Risk Reduction Program. It focuses on the effects of alcohol and drugs, decision making and driving. After the Risk Reduction Program, most people are referred for further evaluation with a DEEP certified counselor. Once the counselor has done the evaluation and sent the paperwork to the Office of Behavioral Health, the Office of Behavior Health sends notification to Maine BMV that the driver has completed the DEEP process. The DEEP program can be completed by video through zoom or in person.