What is jury selection?

On jury selection day, the Court will call in members of the jury pool (approximately 125 people) from around the county. That day’s jury pool will be used to select jurors for three to six cases. To begin the day, the Judge will have the jurors fill out confidential questionnaires to determine whether a juror can be fair and impartial on issues related to the case. The Defense and Prosecution can have input into these questions. The Court will then individually call each case and a jury will be selected with each side getting peremptory challenges to whittle the jury down to 12 jurors. A peremptory challenge is a challenge to strike a person from the jury. A party can also make a motion to strike a member of the jury for cause related to the juror’s ability to be fair and impartial. One or two alternates are also selected in case one of the jurors is unable to make it through the entire trial.